Fairtrade Shea Nut Butter Tin

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Shea nut butter is amazing! It is a fantastic healer and moisturiser. In Africa it is revered for nourishing ageing and sun exposed skin.

Our shea butter is a not certified organic but it is grown wild & processed without the use of chemicals or GM products; to the local people in Ghana it is organic.

Our unrefined shea nut butter has retained it's very distinct nutty/smoky aroma and cream colour. Many other shea nut butters on the market are white and the natural smell has been removed in a refinement process.
We recommend it for: general body moisturising, eczema/psoriasis, sun burn, minimising scars, stretch marks, caring for afro hair/dreadlocks.

Skin type: normal / dry / sensitive / eczema / psoriasis

Ingredients: Butyrospermum parkii (unrefined, fairtrade organic shea nut butter sourced from a co-operative project in Ghana). That's all! Our organic shea butter does not contain paraben preservatives.