Organic Reviving Foot Care Gift Set

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With summer here and covid restrictions easing it’s time to get footsie free! Before you and your friends meet up on the beach this summer, get your feet in tip top condition with the healing power of mighty mint! This amazing herb is renowned for aiding digestion but’s also great for your feet so I’ve put together an Organic Reviving Foot Care Treatment in a gift set to get your feet happy and ready to dance on the sand!

What's in it your gift set?

Organic Epsom Salt 500g

Organic Lemongrass & Mint Wash 250ml

Natural lava pumice stone

Organic Peppermint Reviving Foot Cream 55ml. Click here to read why this cream is so good for your feet!

How to use your Organic Reviving Foot Care Treatment:

Step One: Clean your feet.

Soak your feet with the salt, I suggest adding 1 tablespoon to a large washing up bowl and submerging your feet for 10 minutes. Use your PALM OIL FREE liquid castile soap to remove any dirt, enjoy the cleansing lemongrass and invigorating mint! You’ll notice your feet have become lovely and soft

Step Two: Scrub your feet.

Using your new lava foot stone remove excess dead skin, callouses and ground in dirt. You can really go to town with this at first but use the stone more gently as the old skin disappears.

Step Three: Massage and moisturise your feet.

Dry your feet. Apply your Organic Peppermint Reviving Foot Cream a little bit at a time. Massage the cream all over your feet, one at a time, paying particular attention to the balls of the feet and your heels. Rotate your ankles and spread the cream in between your toes. This massage is the best part of the process so take your time and feel your feet gradually coming back to life! Have a cosy pair of socks to hand to wear after your foot massage to keep all the goodness in!

Top Recycling Tip: The lava stone will last for ages but when you’re ready to recycle it you can break it down and add it to the soil in your garden. Or soak it in hot water and essential oils for 30 minutes, hang it up and enjoy the aroma from your natural oil diffuser!