Organic Neroli Rose Toner

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Brighten and balance your perimenopausal skin tone with this uplifting toner that has the beautiful subtle aroma of fresh blossom on a sunny day in Spring!

To give you a toner that is gentle on sensitive complexions while also addresses the conflicting challenges of oily combination skin, I look for the simplest and most effective remedy in nature. This blend of organic neroli (orange blossom) floral water and organic rose floral water will:

  • Reduce redness or inflammation
  • Clear excess oil and dirt
  • Relieve eye puffiness
  • Even your skin tone
  • Eradicate blemishes
  • Give you a youthful radiance
  • Retain essential levels of natural sebum

  • When you use this gorgeous alcohol-free toner you will discover how easy it is to banish oily patches and maintain an even skin tone.

    After cleansing with your Organic Avocado Rose Cleanser, apply a little Organic Neroli Rose toner to a cotton pad, or spray directly from the bottle to your face, wiping away excess. To complete your skin care routine, I recommend using Organic Avocado Balancing Face Cream or Organic Avocado Rose Overnight Repair Beauty Balm.

Skin type: sensitive / combination / oily / perimenopausal

Ingredients: Citrus aurantium (organic orange blossom floral water), rosa damask (organic rose floral water). That’s all. No parabens. No alcohol. No colours. No perfumes. 100% vegan.

ECO-OPTION: re-use your current spray atomiser and choose "aluminium screw lid" when you buy this toner. Save money and help reduce plastic.

This product is made with love & respect for all living creatures and planet Earth our home. That's why it's vegan.

Want to know which cleanser to use with this toner? I recommend the Organic Avocado Rose Balancing Cleanser.