Organic Cocoa Butter Body Balm LARGE 100g x 3

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  • £40.00

If you love organic cocoa butter balm why not buy a set of three and truly indulge your skin. Or team up with friends and share them.

This set of 3 organic cocoa butter balms contains:

1 x 100g Organic Cocoa Butter Orange Body Balm (usual price £14.00 each)

1 x 100g Organic Cocoa Butter Lime Boost Body Balm (usual price £14.00 each)

1 x 100g Organic Cocoa Butter Sensitive Body Balm (usual price £13.80 each)

Buy this set for £40!

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This is what clients tell me about these organic body balms…

“I love how the smell reminds me of Terry’s Chocolate Orange!” (Cocoa Butter Orange)

“I love treating my legs to this cocoa butter when I’m fresh out of the bath. I can feel my dry skin absorbing the nutrients. It feels silky smooth and hydrated again.” (Cocoa Butter Orange)

“I use this balm to moisturise my hands after gardening, I give them a gentle massage at the same time. It really helps my stiff thumb.” (Cocoa Butter Lime)

“I love the tantalising zing of this balm!” (Cocoa Butter Lime)

“My skin became sensitive during the menopause and I decided to minimise my skincare routine. This balm with just two ingredients was a huge help while my body adjusted.” (Cocoa Butter Sensitive)

“The natural cocoa butter aroma is divine!” (Cocoa Butter Sensitive)

Treat yourself and experience nourished glowing skin like never before! These products are made with love & respect for all living creatures and planet Earth our home. That's why they’re vegan.