Make Your Own: Vegan Lip Balm Starter Kit

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Make Your Own: Vegan Lip Balm Starter Kit

Want to make natural lip balms to suit you? Want something fun to do at home? Want to banish dry cracked lips?

Buy this professionally designed starter kit and embark on a creative adventure into the world of making skincare!

I designed this starter kit to share my knowledge of how to make the best vegan lipbalms for you! It contains:

  • ALL the ingredients you need, carefully measured out and ready to mix.
  • ORGANIC & VEGAN ingredients, tried and tested in my best recipes.
  • CRUELTY FREE & PALM OIL FREE ingredients.
  • FREE and easy to follow online tutorial with photos.
  • RELIEF from dry cracked lips!
  • TWO sizes - make 25 or 50 lip balms.

Your Make Your Own: Vegan Lip Balm Starter Kit will give you the ability to take control of your lip care routine. You can:

  • Save money on buying ready-made lip balms. This kit makes at least 25 lip balms – that’s 68p each!
  • Add your own essential oils.
  • Banish dry cracked lips with your freshly made lip balms!
  • Give your lip balms to friends and family as gifts.
  • Share the creative adventure with children and enjoy their amazement.

  • In your starter kit you’ll find high quality vegan ingredients:

Organic Cocoa Butter: Smooth with a rich velvety texture and subtle chocolaty aroma, your lips will love the moisturising power of organic cocoa butter.

Organic Coconut Butter: Gentle and moisturising for all types of lips, you’ll find organic coconut butter helps to spread your lip balm without dragging.

Organic Castor/Olive Oil blend: I love this blend of oils for its thick protective action and healing abilities. I know you will too!

Candelilla Wax: The vegan alternative to beeswax! I have spent many years perfecting my lip balm recipes with this wax and I am happy to share the end product with you. It’s an amazing wax (better than beeswax in my view) that protects and seals your lips, keeping moisture in and unwanted nasties out!

Read my blog post How to Make Your Own Vegan Lip balms, and find out how making lip balms changed my life!

This starter set is made with love & respect for all living creatures and planet Earth our home. That's why it's vegan.

This kit does not contain essential oils, but you can buy them separately here.