Happy Hemp Exfoliator & Body Wash Bundle

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  • £17.00

The best of both worlds...natural cleansing and plastic-free exfoliating in one!

With this amazing money saving bundle you get your favourite body wash that contains real pure essential oils (no suffocatingly strong perfumes!), hmm lovely and cleansing......plus a Fairtrade Happy Hemp Exfoliator!

Why have I combined these two items for you?

Together these two work wonders for your skin. Simply add a little body wash to the wet Happy Hemp Exfoliator to create a sumptuous thick lather and then massage your skin to see amazing results! Your skin will feel fresher, smoother and invigorated within seconds! It's particularly effective for bobbly skin on the back of the arms and legs.

Each bottle of body wash is 250ml which lasts for ages because it's pretty concentrated!

To get your bundle all you have to do is select your blend of essential oils and we will create your amazing shower gel for you and send it wrapped in a Happy Happy Exfoliator!

By buying this bundle you will be supporting Fair Trade and enabling poor rural women in Bangladesh to:

  • Afford 3-4 meals a day.
  • Afford education for their children.
  • Earn social respect and have a voice in their community.
  • Enable their children to marry into good families.
  • Improve their housing conditions. Many of the artisans have been able to build their own houses and many have purchased their own land to farm crops.

Isn't that just super cool? I am so grateful to have the opportunity to help these amazing female artisans, and I am keen to place more orders with them. Please buy lots of Happy Hemp Exfoliators to help these women even more!