Friends Supersize Shampoo

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  • 5L is the same as 20 x 250ml bottles. Buying 20 bottles would cost you £145!


Whatever type of hair you have, these bottles are perfect for you and your family if you want to lessen your impact on the environment. Reduce the number of bottles you buy and reduce the frequency of your order deliveries, saving time, energy, plastic and money.

A one litre bottle will keep you stocked with organic vegan shampoo for months and will save you money on deliveries. The bigger you buy, the bigger the savings and the smaller your environmental footprint!


These bottles previously contained organic floral waters. We didn't want to put them into the recycling stream where they would demand energy to be processed so they have been sanitised and put to good use.

This product is made with love & respect for all living creatures and planet Earth our home. That's why it's vegan.