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As a skincare formulator, mum and amateur gardener I demand a lot from a hand cream. It needs to sink into your skin quickly, smell gorgeous and most importantly, work! I created this tried & treasured Organic Macadamia Replenishing Hand Cream with a powerful restorative formula that makes your dry tired hands feel normal again!

The vitamin rich cream I devised over 10 years ago is now celebrated for its quick absorption, leaving your dry cracked hands immediately moisturised and nourished. The effects are instant! Apply just a small amount of this organic hand cream and you will notice your hands are soothed straightaway; your skin feels less sore, more pliable, remarkably replenished…feeling more like they used to!

However hard you work your hands, whether you’re a nurse, gardener, builder, parent, (or all four!) you’ll love the active ingredients in this cream:

1) Organic Macadamia Oil – a light dry oil that naturally maintains moistures levels, especially in dry or maturing skin. Enjoy its unique structure containing omega 7 fatty acid that gives elasticity to your skin. Organic macadamia oil is rapidly absorbed leaving no traces of oiliness; you can continue with your everyday tasks without leaving oily marks on everything you touch!

2) Organic Shea Butter – feel the softening and hydrating effect of pure unrefined shea butter; and love its healing rejuvenating powers.

3) Organic Rose Geranium & Myrrh essential oils – love these carefully selected oils for their delightful aroma and adore them for their natural healing ability. Myrrh was used on the battlefields in ancient Greece and is a recognised antibacterial, antifungal and antiseptic essential oil.

Your Organic Macadamia Replenishing Hand Cream will give your hands a new lease of life. I am very proud of this formulation and use it myself every day! – Esther, Founder.

Skin type: normal/mature/dry/cracked.

This product is made with love & respect for all living creatures and planet Earth our home. That's why it's vegan.