Friends Avocado Repair & Rebalance Skincare Kit

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Your Organic Avocado Repair & Rebalance Skincare Kit, designed to recapture the natural beauty of your skin!

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Dry uneven skin? Oily patches? Damaged inflamed skin? Unbalanced oily/dry hair?

This kit has been lovingly created with the power of avocado to…

· repair your damaged dehydrated skin & hair

· rebalance your skin’s normal moisture levels

· control your frizzy or fly away hair

· soften and soothe your inflamed skin

· enable your natural beauty to radiate!

Restore your skin and hair with this nutrient packed, ready-to-use Organic Avocado Repair & Rebalance Skincare Kit. You’ll discover everything you need to banish the stress of unruly skin and hair, PLUS you get to decide if the Organic Avocado Repair & Rebalance Balm becomes a permanent product on the ‘shelves’!

Your kit contains 100% natural plant and essential oils that have been chosen for their powerful restorative & rebalancing effects:

Organic Avocado & Hemp Cleanser 80ml: You’ll love this organic vegan cleanser for its ability to cleanse and calm irritable skin and improve circulation. It’s full of vitamins and omega fatty acids to condition and balance patches of dry/oily skin.

Organic Avocado Balancing Face Cream 55ml: We first harnessed the nutritional power of avocados when we made this cream over 15 years ago and since then this vitamin rich cream has nourished and rejuvenated the skin of hundreds of clients, giving them a toned radiant complexion and happy smiles!

Organic Lime Conditioner with Avocado oil 250ml: The organic avocado oil in this vegan conditioner will nourish your hair with antioxidant vitamins & omega fatty acids, it will smooth and tame your frizzy or flyaway locks and give your hair the correct balance of moisture from root to tip!

FREE Organic Avocado Oil 30ml: naturally high in vitamins A, C, D & E, you will enjoy the purity of this oil with its omega fatty acids and anti-inflammatory properties; clients tell us it helps reduce the frustrations associated with stressful skin conditions, from blemishes to rosacea. Organic Avocado oil is rapidly absorbed leaving no traces of oiliness, it can even reduce the appearance of age spots and help with the production of collagen. Easy to use, just dab and massage into your skin last thing at night and let the goodness be absorbed!

FREE Organic Avocado Repair & Rebalance Balm 60g: Be the first to benefit from an outstanding blend of avocado, shea butter, vitamin E, bergamot, rose geranium and a tinsy bit of tea tree. It’s got all the ingredients of your favourite Organic Avocado Face Cream but reformulated in an intense Repair & Rebalance Balm.