Frankincense Friends Nourishing Skincare Kit

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Your Organic Frankincense Friends Nourishing Skincare Kit, handmade with love to give your beautiful maturing skin a revitalising lift!

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Dry maturing skin? Wrinkly areas? Patches of inflammation or tired eyes?

This kit has been lovingly created with the power of frankincense to…

  • nourish and moisturise your dry maturing skin
  • impart powerful antioxidants and vitamins
  • refresh and revitalise your tired skin
  • reduce puffiness around your eyes
  • soothe your senses and reduce stress
  • restore youthful energy to your appearance
  • allow your timeless beauty to shine!

Frankincense has long been revered for its anti-inflammatory, healing and moisturising properties that improve dry patches of maturing skin and help to reduce the impact of tired lines and wrinkles.

Your Organic Frankincense Skincare Kit contains:

100% natural plant and essential oils that have been chosen for their powerful nourishing and restorative effects:

Organic Frankincense Cleanser 80ml: Remove skin pollutants and nourish your skin with essential omega 7 fatty acids. Removes eye make-up too!

Nourishing Frankincense Toner 100ml: Soothe, refresh and purify your skin!

Organic Frankincense Nourishing Face Cream 55ml: Enjoy the impact of nutritious anti-inflammatory, antioxidant oils & vitamins as they give your skin a boost of vitality!

Organic Frankincense Nourishing Body Lotion 250ml: Give your body all over radiance with the silkiest, smoothest and most nourishing vegan organic body lotion with rich moisturising!

Organic Sensual Body Oil with Frankincense 30ml: Use as a massage oil and all over moisturiser. The sensational aromas of organic frankincense oil will give you a euphoric sense of wellbeing.

Your FREE Christmas gift set contains:

FREE Organic Frankincense Nourishing Face Cream 55ml: You loved one will adore you for this exceptional vegan face cream that will transform their skin!

FREE Organic Frankincense Nourishing Body Lotion 250ml: Keep sharing the joy of frankincense with this easy to apply soft and silky vegan moisturising lotion.

FREE Frankincense Soap Bar 110g: Your friends and family will enjoy the immense luxurious aroma of frankincense, evocative of faraway kingdoms!