Friends Avocado Face Cream 3 Jar Pack

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Your much-loved Organic Avocado Balancing Face Cream contains a proven formula for banishing uneven dry or patchy skin.

Over 15 years this vitamin rich cream has nourished and rejuvenated the skin of hundreds of clients, giving them a toned radiant complexion and happy smiles!

If you have uneven skin tone, with oily blemishes or dry patches, this cream is for you. If your skin is sun damaged or inflamed, the benefits of this organic vegan face cream will immediately impress you.

You’ll love the key ingredients….

1) Organic Avocado Oil – naturally high in vitamins A, C, D & E, we’ve steeped our unrefined avocado oil with even more extra vitamin E to create a powerful nutritious healing moisturiser that’s out of this world! Enjoy its omega fatty acids and anti-inflammatory properties; clients tell us it helps reduce the frustrations associated with stressful skin conditions, from blemishes to rosacea. Organic Avocado oil is rapidly absorbed leaving no traces of oiliness, it can even reduce the appearance of age spots and help with the production of collagen. That’s amazing!

2) Organic Shea Butter – feel the softening and hydrating effect of pure unrefined shea butter; and love its healing rejuvenating powers.

3) Organic bergamot, rose geranium & tea tree essential oils – love these carefully selected oils for their delightful aroma and appreciate them for their balancing toning properties that will clear your skin of any oily uneven blemishes.

Your Organic Avocado Face Cream can give you radiant skin, whatever your age.

Skin type: normal/combination/stressed.

This product is made with love & respect for all living creatures and planet Earth our home. That's why it's vegan.