When should you use a natural oil treatment on your hair?

If your hair has endured years of harsh shampoos, synthetic styling products, blow drying, hair straightening, colouring, highlights etc then the chances are your hair is losing its natural moisture, bounce and shine. It’s become dry and dull. If you’re like me, you’ve noticed your hair thinning, aargh! Time to slow down, chill out and massage the scalp!

Don’t be afraid to use oils. Some people think that using oils will make their hair greasy. Absolutely not. Dry hair or scalp conditions are usually created when too much shampooing strips natural moisture and upsets the natural level of sebum produced by the scalp. Using vegetable oils on our hair and scalp is intensely nourishing and can help our skin and hair return to its natural state.

Why use an oil-based hair treatment?

In my teens I was a big fan of VO5 hot oil treatment. That was until I realised that each and every little plastic tube ended up in the bin and they were ridiculously expensive for the amount of treatment I got (not to mention there was very little actual oil in the product!). It made a lot more sense to stop littering the planet, buy real plant oils and make my own.

Read on for your Organic Hair Repair Treatment recipe…….

It took a while to learn what to use and how much. Ingredients for hair treatments need to be selected carefully as they will be absorbed by the scalp and part of the hair, and structurally damaged hair requires a lot of care. I’m not keen on adding unnecessary perfumes, preservatives, colourings, salts and acids to my hair if I don’t need to thank you very much, so I’ve chosen organic plant oils every step of the way. Using vegetable oils as a base also allows a higher percentage of essential oils without the risk of irritation. Win-win!

An oil hair treatment can:

  • re-balance the production of sebum
  • reduce dandruff
  • soothe an irritated scalp
  • stimulate blood flow
  • increase the health of your hair follicles.
  • encourage hair growth
  • thicken hair

Plant oils have been used for their regenerative powers for thousands of years, as highlighted by hair oiling traditions in Ayurveda, that involve massaging the oils into the scalp for moisture and nourishment. Not only does our scalp and hair benefit from the nutrients in the oils, but we are nurtured in our minds and soul as we spend time at a slower pace, relaxing in a peaceful ritual and allowing ourselves to be calm and present.

How does an organic hair oil treatment work?

The path to healthy hair is via the scalp. This is where the individual strands of hair are formed and so it’s crucial that the hair follicles are healthy and that blood circulation is good. For this reason, you want to give the roots of your hair a lot of love and attention and nourishment in order to grow your most beautiful locks.

Organic hair oil treatments are incredible in their ability to repair and prevent any structural damage to the strands of hair. Such effective deep treatment of the hair and scalp requires time if good results are the be obtained so set aside a day here and there when you know you can relax and unwind for a few hours. Spending time to destress will also have a positive effect on the health of your scalp.

Read on for your Organic Hair Repair Treatment recipe…….

Organic hair oil treatments need to be ‘worn’ for at least 30 minutes, preferable longer, depending on the condition of your hair. I wear my oil treatments for at least 4 hours, sometimes I keep them on overnight and appreciate the soothing aromatic effects of the essential oils. My favourite in this recipe is lavender…..deep breath in and….aahh.

Because the essential oils are volatile, you’ll need a towel or shower cap secured around your head to minimise evaporation.

Recipe for Organic Hair Repair Treatment, for dry/damaged hair and hair growth.

75ml Organic Sweet Almond Oil

25ml Organic Macadamia Oil

2.5ml (50 drops) Organic Rosemary Oil

1.5ml (30 drops) Organic Lavender Oil

1.0ml (20 drops) Organic Peppermint Oil


Gather your ingredients, a cup and a spoon. You may also want to wear old clothes in case of spillages and have an old towel, headband and hat to hand.

Measure your organic plant oils into a cup or beaker that will be easy to pour.

This generous recipe will give you plenty of oil for long hair and several applications if you have very short hair. If you have any oil mixture leftover keep it in a glass bottle away from direct sunlight and it’ll be ready for your next session.

Next, add your organic essential oils and stir gently and thoroughly.

Pour your Organic Hair Repair Treatment slowly and carefully onto your scalp.

Massage the oil mixture into your scalp to begin with and gradually add your dry hair with your fingertips. This is when you can really get stuck in and give your scalp a gentle but thorough massage. This will help stimulate blood circulation, making your scalp feel alive. It’ll also make you feel good too!

To finish, add a small quantity of the oil treatment to the strands of your hair, especially to the tips. If your hair is long, gather it together, tie it and scoop it onto the top of your head.

Finally, time to get stylish! Wrap your head in a shower cap or similar so that your hair is completely covered. Put an old but cosy woolly hat over the cap to hold everything in place and to keep the treatment warm. I also recommend wearing an old head band to stop any little leakages creeping down your neck, this happens to me when I’ve been a bit too generous with my oil!

Leave on for 4-12 hours for it to soak into the scalp and have maximum effect. Read a book, do the washing up, weed the garden, write a blog….

Keep your hair treatment going overnight and you will benefit from the relaxing calming effect of the lavender essential oil! De-stressing our minds is a great way to de-stress our skin and scalp to stop hair loss.

When it is time to wash out your oil treatment, pour a lot of shampoo into the palm of your hand and work into DRY hair. Then wet your hair very slightly and work up a good lather. I love the thick creaminess of the lather created by the shampoo combined with the oil. I like to give my scalp another really good massage to work out the shampoo. Divine! Rinse. If you like you can shampoo and rinse again to make sure all the oil is out but one rinse is plenty for me.

Let your hair dry naturally and enjoy the effects of your Organic Hair Repair Treatment. There’s no need for extra conditioner, your hair will feel super silky soft and incredibly manageable.

I use this treatment every 2-3 weeks to combat my dry hair and help minimise hair loss. I especially enjoy the sense of wellbeing this treatment gives me. I know I am doing something incredible beneficial for my scalp when I feel the alive ‘tingling’ of the essential oils activating my scalp.

In between treatments I use Organic Scalp Rescue Conditioner to boost the effects and continue giving my hair and scalp the TLC it deserves.

Thank you for reading this tutorial on how to have lovely luscious hair, I'd love to hear what you think of this recipe. Join the discussion on Facebook to share your thoughts!