Making vegan lipbalms changed my life!

That might sound a little crazy but it’s actually true! Eighteen years ago my mother gave me a birthday gift voucher to attend a workshop making natural lipbalms. I’d never done anything like it before, and it changed my life!

When I arrived at the workshop I was nervous. I didn’t know anyone or how the day was going to unfold. Would I understand the teachers’ instructions, would it be overly scientific and overwhelming? I needn’t have worried, the teacher was incredibly friendly and the other students were just as nervous as I was so we quickly got chatting and helped each other out. By the end of the day, I was beaming with pride at my bag full of handmade natural lipbalms. I was hooked!

I went home that day keen to show my friends and family, (they loved them!) and hungry to know more. I was so impressed by the quality of the natural ingredients and how good they made my lips feel. I ditched the Vaseline that very day. I couldn’t believe I had been using a petroleum waste product for years!

Over the next few months I started making more lipbalms at home, experimenting with different combinations of ingredients and attending more and more skincare courses. I learnt not just how to make lipbalms, but shampoo, foot cream, skin cleansers, you name it I learnt everything I could and loved every minute.

Fast forward 3 years and I decided I was ready to quit my IT project management job and launch a brand new vegan organic skincare brand; I Am Natural.

So you see, if it wasn’t for my dear old mum, I Am Natural might never have happened, and I will always be grateful for that birthday gift, and for my willingness to try new things.

You can make your own lipbalms too!

I want to share with you my basic recipe for making an amazing vegan lipbalm. Yep a vegan lipbalm! That means no beeswax. The recipe I’m going to share with you contains 100% plant ingredients and uses candelilla plant wax instead of beeswax. I have spent years experimenting and developing this vegan recipe. You’ll be impressed by how professional your lipbalms will be!

Read on for your vegan organic lipbalm recipe.

If you have received or purchased one of our Organic Lipbalm Making Kits please follow these instructions to make your lipbalms. The recipe I’m going to share with you does not contain adding any essential oils. I will explain what to do if you wish to add essential oils to your lipbalms.

You will have enough ingredients to make 10 lipbalms in tubes. You may have a little left over so I suggest having an empty cosmetic jar on standby to pour any remainder balm into. Waste not want not!

Recipe for making 10 lipbalms in tubes:

Organic Coconut Butter: 14g

Candelilla Wax: 11g

Organic Cocoa Butter: 8g

Organic Castor Oil/Olive Oil blend: 13ml

Instructions: Gather your ingredients and equipment. You will need a glass beaker (included in your kit), a small saucepan, a teaspoon for stirring and a steady hand ;-)

1) Pour all your lipbalm ingredients into the glass beaker. They’ve already been measured out for you so you don’t need a set of scales, easy peasy! You can just scoop/pour them out.

Pour the oil blend in first.

Add the candelilla wax to the oil blend.

Next add the cocoa butter to the beaker.

Lastly, add the coconut butter to the mixture.

2) Place your glass beaker into the hot water. Make sure the water only comes half-way up the glass jar. You don’t want water to splash into your concoction and you don’t want the jar to float up and fall over! Bring to a gentle boil then immediately reduce to a very low heat

Stir your ingredients to encourage them to melt and blend together. I like to melt my ingredients very slowly, never heating over 40oC in order to retain all the healthy nutrients in the oils.

3) While your ingredients are melting you can prepare the lipbalm tubes. Remove the lids and stand them up in a line close together on a flat surface.

4) Once your ingredients are melted you are ready to pour! If you wish to add any of your own essential oils at this stage I recommend testing the temperature to double check it’s under 40oC. Choose essential oils that are protective and healing, such as mint, lavender, tea tree or orange. Link to my ess oils. Keep your essential oils to 1% of your recipe, or roughly 10 drops. When adding essential oils make sure they are thoroughly stirred in.

5) Working quickly with a steady hand pour your warm lipbalm liquid into each tube. I like to fill mine straight to the top, which leaves a cute little dimple when it cools. If you prefer a flat top then fill your tube 4/5ths and when the lipbalm has cooled a little and solidified, top up again. Top Tip: your lipbalm mixture may start to solidify in the beaker about half way but you can loosen it up again by placing it back in the saucepan for a few minutes.

Leave your lipbalms to cool and completely solidify. This will take approx. 5-10 minutes.

6) When your lipbalms have cooled and solidified you can put the caps on.

Your lipbalms look great and are now ready to share with your friends!

Who knows, this could be the start of a new life for you too!

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