Top 10 skincare uses for castile liquid soap

Not sure what castile liquid soap is? Read 'Why you'll love castile liquid soap!' to understand why we love this stuff at I Am Natural and why it's so amazing for your skin!

This impressive liquid soap is super concentrated, so buying a large bottle to decant into your favourite dispenser is a worth-while eco-friendly purchase. Dilute if using as a hand soap or facial cleanser. You can use your I Am Natural castile hand & body wash straight from the bottle in the bath or shower, as it will naturally dilute with the water around you.

Pure castile soap is perfectly safe to use on its own around the house as a dish soap, window cleaner, plant spray, toilet cleaner etc and I’ll be writing more on house cleaning uses soon.

I Am Natural castile hand & body washes have been professionally pre-blended with organic essential oils to give specific benefits for your skin. You can enjoy all your castile blends in many ways:

1. Nourishing Body Wash

Simply add a little castile soap onto a flannel and let the shower do the diluting as you wash. For a deeper cleansing experience and to invigorate your skin, add your soap to a Happy Hemp Exfoliating Cloth and wash your body using a circular motion.

2. Sanitising hand wash

Choose your preferred scent of I Am Natural castile hand & body wash, (I prefer Organic Lemongrass & Mint for my hand wash as it’s antibacterial), stir 2 tablespoons of soap into 350ml water and fill your soap dispenser with the mixture. Easy peasy!

3. Luxurious cleansing bath

Although castile soap doesn’t foam like bubble bath (because it’s so natural), you can add it to your bath to give you a soothing stress busting soak. I love the Organic Lavender & Rose Geranium soap for this as it smells divine! Just add two tablespoons of soap under the hot running tap to disperse, pour a glass of wine and relax.

4. Moisturising face wash

To remove daily dirt and grim, lather the soap between your fingers or apply to a wash-cloth, rub all over your face and rinse as usual. For a quick stimulating facial, sprinkle a pinch or two of ground coffee into your lathered soap and gentle massage into your skin. Rinse and moisturise as usual.

5. Natural shaving balm

Lather up your organic castile soap and apply to the area you want to shave. You might want to add a little amount of carrier oil for extra moisture as shaving can damage the surface of the skin. If you’re feeling creative, melt a little coconut oil and blend it with your favourite I Am Natural castile soap; a high-speed blender works best for this. Let it set and hey presto you have a super soft shaving balm!

6. Cleansing Foot Bath

If your feet are tired or suffering from dry cracked skin, roughness or fungal infections, simply add your castile soap to a tub of hot water and submerge your feet for 20 minutes. I recommend the Organic Lemongrass & Mint castile soap for it’s refreshing anti-bacterial and moisturising properties. Plus it smells so pure and clean!

7. Neutralising Deodorant

If you have sensitive armpits and need a natural alternative to commercial deodorants, grab yourself a small spritz bottle and mix up the following recipe to keep body odours at bay: simply combine ½ teaspoon of castile soap and 1 teaspoon of sea salt. Spray in the underarm area as needed.

8. Clearing your sinuses

Keeping your sinuses and airways clear is more challenging as we age, and sometimes ‘stuffiness’ feels like the norm. Not anymore. Fill a large bowl with hot water and add a few dollops or 1 tablespoon of castile soap. I recommend I Am Natural’s Organic Eucalyptus & Lime soap. Inhale the steam that rises from the hot water and wear a towel over your head to stop the steam escaping. The organic eucalyptus oil is very effective in increasing respiratory circulation, reducing inflammation and activating your immune system.

9. Brushing your teeth

Organic castile soap doesn’t have the best of tastes but if you prefer to use natural products rather than commercial toothpaste then castile will work for you. Remember, the most effective part of toothbrushing is the brushing, not the foam and there are plenty of harsh detergents and additives in big brand toothpastes. Add a little extra peppermint or tea tree oil to your toothbrush for a tastier experience.

10. Refreshing mouthwash

A quick and easy way to keep your mouth free from bacteria. Just mix one drop of castile soap to a shot glass of water. You can use peppermint again to make it tastier and more refreshing!

However you use your castile soap be sure to tell everyone you know how much you love it!