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Organic Tea Tree & Cypress
Roll on Deodorant

Unblock pores and let your skin breathe naturally with our extra protection organic tea tree & cypress natural deodorant. Organic cypress essential oil helps regulate perspiration and organic tea tree works to kill the bacteria that causes body odour.
 No parabens
 No aluminium
 No alcohol
 Doesn't stain clothes

aqua (water), vegetable glycerin, triethyl citrate (extract from cherries - reduces bacteria on the skin), xanthan gum (sugar glucose to thicken), melaleuca alternifolia (certified organic tea tree essential oil), lavendula angustifolia (certified organic lavender essential oil), cupressus semperiverens (certified organic cypress essential oil), rosmarinus officinalis (certified organic rosemary essential oil), citrus bergamia (certified organic bergamot essential oil).

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Price: £6.50 for 60ml

 Use it or lose it! Our products are free from paraben preservatives - yippee! 
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